Exporting using Search Engine Marketing

If we take a look at traditional export process for a new company and its products you may start by defining the niche market, and then finding the customers.

The usual method is contacting Commerce Departments on the embassies or consulates of diverse countries, find the most relevant companies that can be interested on importing, and get valid contact information.

Other used method is to travel to the desired countries and present your products to local importers or distributors and hopefully get a deal.

I cannot say those methods are inefficient, however they can be certainly risky, time consuming and very expensive.

Now let’s analyze the SEM choice for international commerce:
Using the power of the internet, a professional SEM company can develop for you a web marketing strategy to recognize your niche market(s), find out what your competitors and possible buyers are doing in order to be updated of the current market behavior, and then elaborate a marketing plan to get your potential buyers to contact you when searching for the products you promote.

If your idea is to have an aggressive campaign, an sem strategy can include contacting potential clients (online and offline), letting them receive information about your offered merchandise and your possible advantages in your field (reliability, price, technology, special delivery, guarantee, client support, etc.).

Besides these points, the most important reasons why to choose Search Engine Marketing for your export planning still are:

It is faster and more accurate to find active potential customers.

Possibility to create a direct bridge to retailers and final consumers instead of selling to intermediaries, which will raise your margins and lower the final costs: a win-win deal.

The cost of an SEM strategy can be much lower than traditional marketing and -if professionally managed- will generate a fast ROI and will increase your sales volume, eliminating unnecessary risks.

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